Tokai hard puncher dating

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My tokai hard puncher seems to have a weird screw placement on the pickguard https: Is this a sign of it being a fake or it being an older model? Is there any Database somewhere? It sounded like his original Fender and was really smooth to play. I think he suggestet it was build somewhere between But it has the same headstock as the first one I? That made me think his one was an?


Tōkai Gakki

Maybe you can help me date this one I found on ebay with serial 11xxxx? I'd guess that those two are both from as the fretboards are stamped with the model number and in the early ones pre 82? However, the table in english below the pictures will give you a good general idea. There are many more guitar experts on here than bass experts but hopefully someone else might chime in the spec's etc. Fri May 20, 2: Hi Ulrichke, Nice Hard Punchers.

Help dating a Fender P-Bass (NBD). (Edit: It's a Tokai!) - diralspinsteci.ml

The decal will give you an indication when the Hard Puncher is manufactured. The spaghetti-logo indicates that it's made in the late seventies or early eighties, that means until The scriptlogo indicates that is was made in The sunburst Puncher has the spaghetti-logo, so I couldn't find the headstock of the black one.

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The serial-number on Hard Punchers until doesn't give any indication of when the bass has been made. The late seventies or early eighties Hard Punchers seem to be more valuable nowadays. Finally, the specs of a PB48 are a bit better then the PB40 etc.

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The differences are in the tuners, bridges, neck, pick-ups and available colors. Fri May 20, 6: I was fortunate to find one here for sale and I was looking for a bass since I have too many guitars already.

Tokai Hard Puncher P Bass Guitar Copy

I picked it up yesterday, here is a picture: It has "48" stamped on the fretboard and I believe it has a "01" serial. Someone changed all the hardware to gold which actually looks ok but I need a gold string tree to complete it. I just demo'd it in the store but it sounded fine and the neck had no problems.