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Note - this site elsewhere suggests E. I hope this make sense! Let me know if you turn up anything interesting in your google search! About the Type 8, interesting. But let me know if you see it differently. We know that these disorders are related to childhood neglect. I have a hunch that this is all related to feeling preferences. Or could it be a larger group like those of us with either inferior feeling or tertiary feeling preferences?

These conclusions are formulated in early childhood and would become values on which future decisions are based on. How am I doing here? One thing that did interest me about the Enneagram was its consideration albeit brief of parental influence: I enjoyed your speculations!

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My hunch would be to go for your no. I think the difference between Fi and Fe could be important, with Fe linked to greater empathy: Haha no worries dfk, I love a good brainstorming session. Whos-Pulling-Your-Strings looks like a good read, I might get it. How are you doing since you first posted?

Dating an ENTJ: Your friends and compatibility

Have you gotten past the embarrassment factor? Remember that authorities in the legal and health care system are routinely duped by these people. Notice I use the word target instead of victim. I hope this quote helps relieve you of any lingering self doubts you have.

Oh, to have the supreme confidence of an ENTJ! I continue to feel awe that such manipulative people exist and prosper… I still get the odd, shameless email from him saying he misses me and to please reply, etc.

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Even knowing what I now know, I feel like a total bitch ignoring him, which I ruthlessly do he sounds so genuinely unhappy and lost. Still, one massive plus point is this whole experience has raised a fascinating area of study on personality types and disorders… a whole new playground of theory! I never look back or restore. I see exactly what is happening here. You asking him to give you space probably felt like further rejection to him.

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Head tells us run for the hills and abandon the illogical emotions, heart tells us to forge through and make things work. This charisma often assists ENTJ types in going far in the world of business or managerial positions. The talents of others are easily recognized and frequently acknowledged by the ENTJ, who appreciates the effort put in by the individual to attain such a high level of achievement. These types cannot tolerate laziness and often do everything in their power to avoid people who waste the majority of their time on hollow pursuits.

To learn more about the various hereditary and environmental factors that go into developing a certain personality type, check out this course on the psychology of personality. Seeking out a significant other who falls into the category of ENTJ can be highly rewarding and enjoyable due to positive personality traits, such as:.

For more information on the development and construction of personal attributes and characteristics, take a look at this course on the secrets of personality. Though dating an ENTJ type can be a rewarding experience, it can have a few drawbacks when it comes to dealing with negative traits, such as:.

7 things that bother the hell out of all ENTJs

If you fall into the category of the ENTJ personality type and are currently dating someone whose traits often clash with your own, check out this course on living with differing personality styles. Create a Course Corporate Learning Mobile. Music Sports Games Marketing. Charming the Chief May 5, by Lexis Clark. ENTJ Personality The ENTJ personality type is characterized by high levels of confidence and motivation, which influences individuals who fall into this category to seek out and succeed in leadership-based positions. High Levels of Self-Confidence. Individuals who fall into the ENTJ category are very comfortable with themselves and actively seek out activities that they are good at to increase their self-confidence.

Planning and forethought are always on the mind of the ENTJ, who often marks up his or her calendar with dates and plans, as well as lists of items that need to be accomplished in order to reach a specific goal. This forethought facilitates the process of transforming potential future successes into a series of concrete steps.

These types are often chasing interest after interest, gaining the maximum level of excitement from one before moving onto the next. The high levels of self-confidence and ability to self-motivate is often seen to be quite inspiring to the followers of the ENTJ who would like to someday be able to complete and achieve their goals to the same extent as their leader. As a significant other, the ENTJ will continually be encouraging their partner to reach their full potential. Unproductiveness and laziness are deemed to be grossly unattractive and repulsive to ENTJ types, who value productivity and constant hard work as a method of achieving success.