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We are very sorry to hear of her dissatisfaction.

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She provided feedback that [redacted], who met allof her preferred parameters, was a very nice gentleman and that they had a niceconversation over lunch. She then limited future introductions to the[redacted] area. She told us thatshe wanted to meet him, we sent out the introduction, and she set up a datewith [redacted]. We then receive a call from [redacted], saying that [redacted] canceledtheir date at the last minute.

Pursuant to thebox to the right of her signature on her agreement with It Takes 2, servicesare "Non-Refundable.

Tinder vs. Professional Matchmaker: I Tried Them Both So You Don't Have To

Pursuant to the agreement, services are non-refundable. Please feel free to contact me if you have any additional questions orconcerns. I had joined years ago, and paid almost four thousand dollars. None of the dates worked out. It was long periods of time with no contact. Finally no contact at all. It's a rip off. The terms of the contract are defined as "Silver Status: To date I have received 6 introductions, from Jan Dec It was resolved after I initiated contact, asking if I had been forgotten.

Over the next few months, I was contacted and asked to accept introductions from clients that were outside my defined age range of 10 years and who all lacked common interests with me. I accepted each time, encouraged to expand my criteria and be open to possibilities. Additionally, confidentiality was breached twice. The first, when information I relayed in the feedback questionnaire was shared with the person with whom I had met.

I was assured at the time of enrollment that feedback would be confidential and used solely for the purpose of refining selections.

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The second time, when I contacted the owner to inform her of the breach. She apologized and asked that I send any additional inquiries or feedback directly to her with "ATTN: I did so on Jan 13, informing her of the lack of a response from a Dec 12th introduction, and to request a prior introduction of Oct 13th be credited back to me, as that person was only interested in meeting me at a hotel. I received an email on Feb 2 from her assistant, agreeing to "absolutely bonus the introduction," not from the owner. The last communication I received from IT2 was on Feb 5, , following a missed call in which no voicemail was left.

The email simply informed me of a new email address. I have sought legal counsel on this matter and was advised to take this first step of filing a complaint with the Revdex. Although It Takes 2's contract does not guarantee service within a defined period, I have been informed that it is the consumer's right to resolution when there has been failure to provide services contracted and paid for within a reasonable time period. I am asking the Revdex. I have email and voicemail documentation to support my complaint and will willingly provide it if requested.

Respectfully,It Takes 2 Business Response: Respectfully,It Takes 2 Consumer Response: Identifying the cause of the issue as an internal breakdown of communication with a past employee that mistakenly resulted in an inactive account status, and with assurance of future proactive attention, I have agreed to give the business another opportunity to fulfill the contract and perform this action and, if it does, will consider this complaint resolved.

After a short interview with Ms. D[redacted] I was pressured into making a decision to join It Takes 2 by offers of a deep discount only if I signed up immediately at their office the same day.

Direct questions to It Takes 2 regarding the number of members in their service were skirted with vague non-answers. After agreeing to join their service, a contract was produced; however I was given no opportunity to read and understand it. I ultimately purchased six introductions for nearly times the cost of other dating platforms.

I clearly explained to It Takes 2 staff that I wanted matches that were Christian. Neither of their first two introductions met this basic criteria. After another bad introduction, I followed up with emails and phone calls to It Takes 2. I requested an opportunity to come back in to talk but was told I could share information over the phone; after paying so much and being offered personalized service, it seemed to be an inconvenience to meet with me.

Without any notification, my membership was cancelled after four introductions prior to the fulfillment of the obligations of our contract. I provided feedback to It Takes 2 after each introduction. I firmly believe they canceled my membership since they had no one else in their service to introduce me to. After further review of the It Takes 2 contract, I felt it prudent to warn potential customers of their limited options should the services not be as advertised.

There is nothing beneficial to the client in this contract. It broadly provides It Takes 2 the opportunity to discontinue services at any time, for any reason, and with no refund. In hindsight, I would have never allowed Ms. D[redacted] to pressure me into signing the contract. I strongly believe that fair warning should be provided to any potential members of this services.

I know I am not the only single professional that has experienced false advertising with this services based on the similar comments my introductions have made to me. One of my introductions told me that Ms. D[redacted] called to beg him to rejoin their service, clearly they are lacking members.

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Another introduction told me he had not been introduced in over six months. The fact that Ms. In July of , I met with [redacted] owner of IT2 and had an in-person interview for their match-making service. I completed a profile form about myself and rated the predefined list of items based on my most to least important.

The first introduction was for a man that was completely not what I asked for overweight, 48 and looked older, had a heavy [redacted] accent, and lived in [redacted]. I didn't even meet him. IT2 credited this introduction back to me. The second introduction was "normal". The third was somewhat normal, but he had a 10 year old son younger than I preferred and I had difficulties setting up a date with him. The fourth was someone who was separated not even divorced with 2 young children under 7.

He was credited as well. The fifth was another one dud that was not physically my match heavy set. The last was yet another one that was not physically my match and just dropped off from contact. I'm so disappointed in this I would never recommend it to anyone. It's like they didn't listen to anything I said and only wanted the money.

I only talked to [redacted] one other time since the initial meeting and she apologized for the mishaps. However, when dealing with [redacted], I felt that she was short and uninterested. Although I signed a contract, I do not feel that the representation of their services were accurate. I do not expect a full refund, but would appreciate some portion of it.

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  • Nothing has come of this experience except a great amount of disappointment. I offered to receive feedback and coaching and didn't get either.

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    She told us to introduce her to this gentleman, after receiving full disclose about his marital status. I just received notification that the case is closed. I was unavailable to enter any comments during the allotted time.

    However, I am NOT satisfied with their response. Although their contract may state this, their practice of not listening to my wants is something that is unacceptable and poor business. Since their contract language is "loose" i. However, when I returned her call the same day , I had to leave a voicemail and never heard back. Again, not very professional. At the time that I met with the [redacted], I was careful to explain that not just any gentleman would be a reasonable one to introduce me to as I had very high expectations as to their religious beliefs.

    I was assured that even with my narrowing perimeters that she felt she could help me find a good match. In the intervening 6 months, I have only been matched once. She tried to introduce me to someone initially who did not even meet my base line religious convictions which caused me to call and explain further about what I was looking for; again I was assured that they were working hard on my behalf. My reasoning was that they misrepresented the process to me and that it is unrealistic to expect me to wait for months to receive any value for this service.

    Their only response to my dissatisfaction was to tell me that since there was no time line associated with the contract, that I should be prepared to wait for as long as it takes. I strongly disagree with this attitude and no longer wish to be associated with this organization.

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    November 6, This letter is in response to the dissatisfaction of [redacted] and Revdex. When [redacted] initially became a client, she specified that she would prefer to meet men who are [redacted], and provided a very narrow age range in which she was willing to date. She acknowledged that what she was looking for would be very challenging and she even commented that she may need to relocate to a more densely populated area in order to find men who meet her specifications.

    This was explained to [redacted] in detail and she signed two documents acknowledging her understanding of the terms of her agreement, before directly contradicting herself when stating to the Revdex. In her initial consultation, she indicated that her top criteria were to date men who were within a very narrow age range, tall, [redacted], and intelligent.

    After choosing not to follow the process as it was intended, [redacted] refused to meet her referral because he does not attend church every Sunday. Prior to updating her profile, we made sure that [redacted] understood that her new preference would significantly increase the amount of time between each introduction. Over the next 6 weeks, we called numerous potential matches, who either told us that they did attend church every week or that they did not want to meet [redacted] because she was outside of their preferred parameters.

    We then attempted to introduce her to a tall, attractive attorney, who regularly attends church services and Bible study sessions.